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"The hardest road is the road that you walk alone.
But the bridge that you build with your own hands is the most satisfying to walk upon.
There are tools are for those who would find their own way out of the trap."
Christopher Currell

❈ Consciousness, Hyperspace and the Currell Effect

Lecture with Vibrational Tuning
Consciousness, Hyperspace and the Currell Effect

March 26 (Sat), 2016 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sophia Hall, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo - Map
General 20,000 yen, CE Member 18,000 yen, At the Door 23,000 yen

Almost all of reality remains hidden from our awareness by a veil of unconsciousness. Behind this veil is the source of all things we partially perceive in our everyday reality. This source is generally unobservable and exists in a place called hyperspace.

In this lecture, Christopher Currell will present in easily understandable concepts, the importance of consciousness and the fascinating nature of hyperspace. Christopher will also discuss a new technology and methodology called "Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential" (the Currell Effect), by which a person can connect directly to hyperspace...the path to "all that is”.

Christopher will also perform a "Vibrational Tuning", an improvised group sound session which harmonizes and raises the frequency of the vibrational patterns of the individual, the group and the environment.

About Vibrational Tuning
About Christopher Currell

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