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"The hardest road is the road that you walk alone.
But the bridge that you build with your own hands is the most satisfying to walk upon.
There are tools for those who would find their own way out of the trap."
Christopher Currell





何かをそのまま説明するより、そうではない点を説明した方が伝わる場合があります。 従って前書きとしてトランスフォーメーション・ツールズを説明するとしたら、それは行動心理学でも宗教でもありません。ヒーリング法でもありません。




① あなたのマインドやボディーではなく、あなたご自身と直接コネクトするようにデザインされています。TTはスピリットが応用できるよう、直接スピリットに焦点を当てています。"All is Mind!"つまり「全てはマインドである」または「万物は心である」と言う発想はありません。

② スピリチュアルな存在の起源や本質を学び実習し、スピリットの無限の可能性を引き出して完全に復活させたいと願う人は誰でもワークショップの成果が明らかになります。

③ ワークッショプでは、個人の誠実さ、信頼、悟り、スピリチュアルフリーダム(霊性の自由)に通じる道を提供します。

- 気付いているとことに気付いている存在のこと
- 個人、存在(ビーイング)、人格であり、人のノーイングネス(知っているという状態)の部分のこと
- 通常「あなた」として知られているもの



Transformation Tools

Tools for Consciousness Expansion and Transformation

The self-improvement shelves of bookstores, the airwaves and self-help speakers who travel the lecture circuit all offer myriad solutions to the problems of understanding life. Yet the endless stream of man’s difficulties still do not resolve. It is sometimes easier to say what something is not than it is to say what it is. Thus as a preliminary description, we can say with certainty that Transformation Tools is not behavioral psychology, it is not a religion. It is not a healing practice.

Transformation Tools are data and processes that focus on the expansion of consciousness of the human spirit.

Unlike many different healing and self help methodologies, Transformation Tools (TT) are a series of workshops, seminars and special projects consisting of four elements; (1) data, (2) exercises, (3) drills and (4) processes designed to directly connect with the human spirit.
They encompass precision concepts that can be demonstrated and applied.

●Three Features Offered by Transformation Tools (TT)
(1) TT is designed to directly connect with you....not as mind or body. TT is focused directly to and applied by the spirit. TT contains no idea that “All is Mind!”
(2) TT reveals to anyone who cares to study and practice it, the origin and nature of the spiritual being and encompasses the infinite potential and full rehabilitation of the human spirit.
(3) TT workshops provide the path to personal integrity, trust, enlightenment and spiritual freedom itself.

★What do we mean by Spirit?
- An existence that is aware of being aware
- The individual, the being, the personality, the knowingness of the human being
- Most familiar to one and all as you

Transformation Tools is a path of self-discovery.
I welcome you to join me on this amazing adventure!

Christopher Currell