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Christpher Currell


Christopher Currell

Musician, music composer, producer, synthesist, sound designer, 3-D audio producer, engineer, writer and lecturer.

For a total of over 30 years, Christopher Currell has composed, performed and synthesized a broad range of music, including classical, jazz, rock, avant-garde and pop. Christopher has worked on a wide variety of projects from film scores to pop albums to video games to theme parks. Christopher is pioneering in the field of guitar synthesis. Some of the exceptional musicians Christopher has had the privilege of working with include Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Meatloaf, Luther Vandross, Denny Seiwell, Jennifer Batten, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Smith, Stevie Wonder, Allan Holdsworth, Stryper, Dokken, and Stanley Clark.


Christopher Currell performed the Synclavier, Digital Guitar, and many special effects on this award winning album. Christopher also helped arrange the hit “BAD” along with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Christopher also played Synclavier and Digital Guitar on Michael Jackson’s “BAD” world tour. MICHAEL JACKSON – HISTORY Christopher has also contributed to Michael Jackson’s album “HISTORY.” Christopher’s listed album credits include: Rhythm Arrangements, Synclavier, Guitars and Percussion.


Since working with Michael Jackson, Christopher has pursued questions concerning the basis of the subjective and objective nature that sound has on the human mind and physical system. Most importantly, how sound can link the human mind and spirit to universal consciousness. Christopher has discovered that the answers to these questions are to be found in the area of quantum physics…more specifically, having to do with Quantum Holography and phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance (PCAR). This research has cumulated in the form of his music project called “ishwish.”

Currently, Christopher resides in Japan where he lives and creates in the mountains and forest overlooking the ocean and Mt Fuji, and being very active with improvised music projects called ishwish, Plenum Void.

At the end of 2012, Christopher started a project called Currell Effect. The goal is to connect consciousness to the universe using sound vibration.

In May of 2014, the Currell Effect evolved to Currell Effect X or CEX. The "X" in CEX basically means unlimited. Everything about CEX is different from the previous CE. Equipments are probably the best headphone system in the world. The sound vibration is totally different and much more powerful. Please take a look at the CEX Release Info.

Christopher is always evolving and at the end of 2013, he launched another project “Transformation Tools.” All of Christopher’s activities come together under the Transformation Tools or TT, and it consists of Music, the Currell Effect and iExpansion (workshops, seminars and lectures). His goal has always been to expand and raise people’s consciousness. TT will be the place where we introduce various tools for consciousness expansion and transformation.

☆ Video - "Gemini Puzzle Part 2"

Live video from Christopher's first solo concert in Ojai, California in 2005. He is improvising all the music in realtime using specially made instruments and computers. This was the beginning of the ishwish project.
Gemini Puzzle


Solo Album:
Plenum Void – "Cosmic Cafe" (2019)
Christopher Currell - "Garden of Vis" (2017)
Christopher Currell - "Garden of Aeon" (2014)
Christopher Currell - "Garden of Zoe" (2013)
Currell Effect Vol. Two Disk 1~4 (2013)
Currell Effect Vol. One Disk 1~4 (2012)
Plenum Void – Special Limited Edition (2011)
ishwish – “Meditations” (2010)
ishwish – “The Gates of Dawn” (2009)
ishwish – “Remember” (2007)
Christopher Currell – “Aural Vibrational Manifestations” (2005)
Christopher Currell – “Heart Sutra” (1994/2010)

Other Credits(partial list)
Michael Jackson “BAD 25″ – Live Performance at Wembley Stadium in London (2012)

“GAIA SYMPHONY” No. 7 (2011)
“Live UFO ’93″ Chage & Aska(Japan)
“Kujaku-Ou 3″ Pony Canyon (Japan)

“BAD” Michael Jackson
“F-1 The Exhaust Sound ’91″ Formula 1 Grand Prix, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“F-1 The Exhaust Sound ’92″ Formula 1 Grand Prix, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“Tears & Reasons” Yumi Matsutoya, Toshiba EMI (Japan)
“Birth” Yutaka Ozaki, CBS/Sony (Japan)
“Tsukiyo ni Good Luck” Yoshimi Iwasaki, CBS/Sony (Japan)
“Shadow Brain” Currell / Maloney, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“Every Girl” Gwinko, CBS/Sony (Japan)
“Kiss Kiss” Hideaki Matsuoka, Epic/Sony Records (Japan)
“Dress” TM Network, Epic/Sony Records (Japan)
“To Hell with the Devil” Stryper, Enigma
“Under Lock and Key” Dokken, Elektra
“Victim of Emotion” Reggie Burrell, CBS Records
“A Synth for Christmas” Rob Meurer, Spindletop Records
“Don’t Stop” ZIII, Warner Brothers
“Skool Boyz” Skool Boyz, Columbia Records
“Culture Vulture” David Rastamo, Sire Records
“Slum Lord” David Rastamo, Sire Records
“Kujyaku-Oh 3″ Currell / Maloney, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“Virtual Drug Club Remix” Currell / Maloney, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“Virtual Drug – Ecstasy” Currell / Maloney, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“Virtual Drug – Trance” Currell / Maloney, Pony Canyon (Japan)
“Childhood Dream” Masao Maki, Muse Records
“Sube” Beto Hale, Lalo Records
“Music With Nature-Impressions Of the Rocky Mountains” Steve Haun, SNH Productions

“Sazale” CM, Fuji Television & JAL Airlines (Japan)
“Disney Channel” (10 channel ID’s)
“New Animal World” Bill Burrud Productions (40 episodes for Disney Channel)
“Adventure World” Bill Burrud Productions (8 episodes for Disney Channel)
“Discovery Channel” Virtual Audio Processing (nature sounds)

“Spaceship Warlock” Sony (new for future release)
“Shadow Brain” Currell / Maloney, Pony Canyon (Japan)

Theme Parks:
“Wisdom Industries” Pirate Ship Virtual Audio Processing
“NASCAR” Pepsi 400 Virtual Audio Processing
“Walt Disney” Indiana Jones (Tokyo Sea) Virtual Audio Processing