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“Sound is a vibration. Like sound, the universe is also vibration.
All knowledge we seek resides there. All we have to do is listen.”
Christopher Currell

Plenum Void

The 'nothingness' which holds the potential of all things.

Plenum Void was created by Christopher Currell as a way for young people to connect via music to the universal consciousness. The music is a plenum of styles all brought together as one. Plenum Void's music can best be described as a high energy electronic, rock, cosmic fusion of sounds that spread joy and light to all that listen!

News! CD Release "Empyrean Chronicles" (2022)

After almost two years of making, the new Plenum Void CD “Empyrean Chronicles” will be released on Feb. 2, 2022.

The lyrics have very vast cosmic stories and the music is a high-energy electronic, rock, EDM, cosmic fusion of sounds that activates people and inspires them to live positively, especially the younger generation and ones who are young at heart!

All the songs are in Japanse. CD includes English lyrics booklet.

Music Composition, Performance and Production: Christopher Currell
Lyrics: Christopher Currell, Fumiya Fujii, Aco Takenaka
Vocal: Kanon Tomita

A teaser video of “Vibrational Rubicon”

Listen to...
♪ Vibrational Rubicon

♪ The Body Is A Lie

♪ Galactic Disco

♪ Cosmic Toast

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"Cosmic Cafe" (2019/2011)

A limited special edition of “Plenum Void” CD was released for the concerts in 2011 and all 100 copies are sold out. We decided to officially release the CD titled "Cosmic Cafe" in Aug. 2019.Christopher is currently making a new CD!

To commemorate the Plenum Void Kyoto Concert on July 14, 2011, we released 100 limited “Plenum Void” CDs and they were sold after two Kyoto concerts. In order to re-launch the Plenum Void music project after 8 years of absence, Christopher decided to re-release this limited edition CD in Aug. 2019. Please enjoy the electronic music with rhythm and groove with cosmic elements flowing through the songs.
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"Gemini Puzzle Part 2" - Video from a live concert

Live video from Christopher's first solo concert in Ojai, California in 2005. He is improvising all the music in realtime using specially made instruments and computers. This was the beginning of the ishwish project.

Gemini Puzzle


ishwish is improvised music, which includes electronic, ambient, textural and rhythmic elements created by Christopher Currell. ishwish uses sound, art and science to transmit information from the universe on a purely vibrational level. It is intended to be a journey through the universe, different times and dimensions. The combined influence of the audience and the environment, allow the sound vibrations to make the listener relax and/or expand consciousness, and could even open a multi-dimensional portal to the universe.

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ishwish blog


Other Music

Among many music projects by Christopher Currell, the Garden series is the best selling CDs. Beautiful soundscapes help purify negative vibration, harmonize the environment and uplift the spirit. "Heart Sutra" is another interesting CD. The fusion of the Buddhist monk's chant and Christopher's electronic music lead the listner to an inspiring musical journeys to one's deeper consciousness.

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