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As a part of the Currell Effect process, we ask all the participants to write their experiences after the session. We are introducing ALL the experiences, which we have permissions to post.

CE Sessions - March 2015 ~ present

* "Apeiran" - please see the Glossary

A.J. - 3/29/2015 - CE Pilot
Thank you Chris! What a deep journey!
Beautiful sound, sight & feelings - difficult to put into words.
I’m feeling very peaceful & connected!
I wish I could share more but writing is pulling me away from the experience & I don’t want to lose these great feelings. J

V.R. - 5/20/2015 - CEX
II was in the center, with vast amounts of energy all around me. I tried to reach out and it and had no arms. I looked down to my toes and there were no legs and no feet. But I could feel some sort of energy - it was everywhere.

At times I was traveling at high velocity into something. I would spin, but was not dizzy. At times I would fall, and at times I was motionless.

I know at one point I saw the face of a Japanese woman. She was not looking at me - she was looking past me and then disappeared. I saw her smile at one point.

I felt very light and at ease - much more effortless than being on earth. At no time did I feel I was on earth. I had no body and I traveled effortlessly. Many sensations were new to me and not easy to describe. The feeling of floating, being centered with everything, but not knowing what “it” is. Even some movements were new to me. Not just in one direction. I felt movement in 2 or 3 directions at one time.

I was at peace. I did not feel strong and I did not feel weak. I did not feel boundaries. There was vastness in every direction and I was in the center of it all.

At the end of the session I was back in my chair, but did not remember traveling back into it. My body was with me again.

O.R. - 5/20/2015 - CEX
Sound resonated through my body, starting from my head down to my feet. I heard sounds of heavy rain and streams, as well as birds. Different events played in my head, I was transformed from one place to another.

There were several events  that played in my mind, some were part of my life and others I am not sure who they were.

At times I felt myself shifting in and out. I would focus on the sounds and then an event played in my head. This happened several times.

Opening my eyes took time to adjust for both my mined and body. I am back in the present but still thinking about events that occurred during CE.

S.C. - 9/23/2015 - CE
I was riding on the stream of the fall from Higher place to Lower stream.
Having a great time, felt like I am a child. The stream turns the curve and I went down extremely fast. Then the direction reversed...I am riding the stream upwardly.

ARRIVED the flat area and the dish like (UFO?) transportation waited - I did ride on the top and flew into the space. I was very curious where it will take me. It float up and flew in an extremely fast speed. I had to cling to it so that I am not thrown away - then arrived at a huge circular Door or Cave Entrance… not sure. I entered into the cave - the path cylindrical shape - either I was walking or jumping in the path. I came to some exit or opening of this tube. Then I see the dish waiting. I hop on the dish and continue the ride looking around the scenaries. I have never encounter before - somewhat DARK BROWN shining metallic color.

I was all alone – felt it like a feather.

J.J. - 9/23/2015 - CE
Yes, the mind shifts pulls away from the sound or perhaps is moved by the sounds. Yes, that’s more clear - the mind and body shift as the sounds lead and move. The sounds elevate (?) awareness moves between the sounds, mind and body - someplace away from here. Only awareness of sound (some force?) mind and body. No chair, room, others, headphones. Movement of air is felt as gentle - “awayness“ Mind and body past not here - (?) Now in relationship with sounds. Now context (?). After - sight is sharper. Awareness of movement deliberate somehow.  Subtle flow (?) of connection of movement within and around. Gentleness. Shift. “Real.”

V.H. - 10/6/2015 - CEX

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