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As a part of the Currell Effect process, we ask all the participants to write their experiences after the session. We are introducing ALL the experiences, which we have permissions to post.

CEX - June ~ Dec. 2014

CEX Tokyo 1 - Jun. 7~9, 2014
CEX Tokyo 2 - Sep. 27~29, 2014
CEX Tokyo 3 - Dec. 20~22, 2014
Note: Translation is still in progress. Only partically translated.

* "Apeiran" - please see the Glossary

Reports & Photos
REPORT: CEX Tokyo 1 Discussion Group
REPORT: CEX Tokyo 2 & Discussion Group
REPORT: CEX Tokyo 3 & Discussion Group

This is truely my first time experice since I've come to this planet. It was a wonderful experience.

As soon as I had my headphones put on and the sound started, my body and cells started to react as if all the cells have awakened at once. Mlso body heated up for few seconds.

And then, I started to see many stars as if I was in space and I felt like I was in a very big space.

Various images popped up but I don't know what they are at this moment. I am sure all the images will become clear later.

And then, I had the same sense of lightness, which I felt when I was learning about the third type of telepathic communication at the CEX Prep Course. I also had the experience of returning to my body(?) or feeling my body.

It seems like I was clearly recognizing "I" (apeiran*) and it was simply just "I." (I don't know how to express this.) I was very relaxed and felt very natural.

I would like to experience this again. Thank you very much.

I set my intention for this journy to know "who and what am I."

The purification with vibration started. As the sound of rain keeps changing and I was been washed and cleansed. I got purification again and again. Purification of my thoughts, purification of my environment. I jumped into the basin of the waterfall, and I went up like a screw and I arrived at a even bigger waterfall.

Several layers of my existance jumped into a waterfall one after another. I noticed the dimentional shift. I changed into a small particle. It did not matter whether I existed or not.

Seeing, feeling, the intention I set...none of these matter to me anymore. I was just being there. I changed and I just wanted to feel. The conversation with the sound waves was the conversation with myself. There was me in a very fine particle who is seeing the whole world. There was me who is creating a spaceship and then a jet plane and it changed to the earth(?) and the universe(?).

I am a bing who wants to experience much much more. Simply that's all. And I wanto to enjoy this fine and minute world and have fun. There is a part of me who wants to continue the journey. I will continue my journey. I will remove the boundaries in my thought and be who I am and continue my journey.

I am so happy that I was given this oportunity to have this experience. Thank you very much.

I send my deepest gratitude for this wonderful experience.

I still cannot express with words about today's experience yet, but I am filled wit joy because I was in a state of utmost happiness. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was able to receive an upmost guidance for my life that will be filled with joy. I am excited and very much looking forward to my future. I express my gratitude to both of you who have given me this opportunity.

・I seems like I went to the universe. I could see many shooting star like lights in the darkness. Many of them flew left and right.
・I was at a place where many grasses and insectivorous plants were growing by the water front.
・I could hear an electric guitar music.
・I could see few people from my work.
・I felt as if my whole body was swinging left to right, up and down, and front and back.
・I was surprised to have a tingling sensation on my forehead and hands.
・I saw a buddha far away in the distance.
I was chanting to myself doing CT0 (communication training from the Communication Workshop) quite often.
The session is finished but I still feel like I am floating.

I could hear a lot of rain falling and the rain kept falling harder and harder. I was constantly trying not to fall asleep. Nothing in particular was shown to me except that the image of a small animal, like a mouse, popped into my consciousness. It wasn’t exactly alive, and I didn’t want to look at it because it made me feel sad. So I looked away and it went away.

I thought about some departed loved ones whom I wanted to see, but they didn’t appear, I also thought about a question I had, but I didn’t see an answer taking shape. What I feel is that this experience is just beginning now, and the effects will reveal themselves gradually. Basically, what I feel is a stronger sense that I have created everything that has happened to me, and that I will probably create the conditions that I want more confidently from now on.

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