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Transformation Tools - Projects for 2015
CEX Release Information - March 10, 2014

Transformation Tools - Projects for 2015

Hello everyone!

2015 will be a year of change. Included in this change are many Transformation Tools (TT) projects. We are advancing every day toward bringing more tools to help you with your advancement towards greater consciousness and awareness.

The following is a preview of things to come for TT in 2015!

Currently, to facilitate in this expansion, TT is looking for a permanent office space in Tokyo.

We have increased the TT staff to facilitate expansion.

The first big change that will be coming will be with The Currell Effect (CE). To insure that you get the optimum gains possible from CE, I have revised the content and advanced the delivery of CE.

More on the expansion and changes with CE

A CE book is coming! It will be called "Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential - The Book of Basics for the Currell Effect." It will contain all the information needed to understand and use CE correctly and optimally.

The name CEX will go away...there will only be CE. The CEX label was intended only to temporarily differentiate CE v2 from the ultimate CE released last year. Now that we have moved forward significantly, we will use the original term, CE.

To begin implementing the new changes in CE, TT will begin by presenting a pilot program from Mar. 27 to 30. This will be called the CE Pilot Program.

Previously, CEX could only be presented by using a custom developed $25,000 audio system. The quality of the CE audio is so high that it cannot be reproduced on a standard CD or audio player.

Due to its cost, we were only able to deliver CEX to a maximum of two people at once. Also, because the audio system is very delicate, shipping the system is very difficult and expensive so we could only deliver CEX in Tokyo. In addition, because of the expense of research and equipment, the cost to the participant is high. It has always been my intention to make CE easily available to everyone. So one can see the limitations the current CEX is in this regard.

But good news! Technology has moved forward! Now there is available, a portable and affordable headphone player and headphone with the quality necessary to invoke the CE process!

CE Practitioners Program

The CE practitioners program will make available trained practitioners that can easily deliver CE. A CE practitioner will have their own portable CE playback system and can deliver the CE process easily to anyone who wishes to do it. The goal of TT is to have many CE practitioners throughout Japan and then throughout the world.

A CE practitioner is independent. They are not directly associated with TT and are free to integrate the CE practitioners program into their own business. TT will provide an Internet web presence to help answer questions for the practitioners. Each practitioner will have their own web page on the TT website for promotional purposes. There will also be a forum for participants to ask questions to practitioners or TT staff.

Each CE practitioner will be trained and certified by TT to ensure that the CE participants are getting expert service and delivery. This program will make CE available at affordable prices.

If you are interested in the CE practitioners program, please contact TT Office for more detailed information. Also, I highly recommend you to sign up for the pilot CE sessions at the end of March. You will experience the new CE material and portable playback system. In addition to the normal CE participants feedback, there will be a simple survey about the CE practitioners program for you to fill out.

2015 is the year of major change and in accordance with this change, TT is busy at work developing tools and making them easily available to everyone.

The vibrations in the universe are speeding up radically. To keep up with this rapid motion and change, we need to accelerate our rate and quality of spiritual consciousness expansion. Please join us in this wonderful new adventure.

Find out who you are and regain your confidence and abilities to create your dreams!

See you soon!

Infinite Possibilities!
Christopher Currell

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CEX Release Information - Christopher Currell

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the long awaited Currell Effect X has finally arrived! I would like to take a moment to explain a little more deeply about CEX.

What is CEX?

In previous versions of The Currell Effect (CE), there was a limitation in how many audio frequencies were represented and presented to the participant. The reason for the limitation was primarily a gradient to see how well people responded to the CE process. I wanted to make sure that people could resonant correctly.

If there were too little frequencies represented, maybe the participant would not receive any benefit. If there were too many frequencies, the participant could get overwhelmed and stop resonating and therefore, he/she gets no effect.

After a year and a half of testing and presenting many CE sessions and observing the results, it became clear that participants can resonant in a positive way to many frequencies. What makes this possible is one of the ways in which the CE audio material is processed.

Selective Hearing
In real life, people can hear sounds all around them, close and distance. The ear and the brain coordination of audio information it receives allow the spirit to put attention on one sound and basically tune out other sounds. This is called selective hearing.

Normal recorded audio does not encode the information that allows for selective hearing. The listener cannot tune sounds in or out. He/she hears everything at once. This can cause confusion and disorientation if too many sounds are presented at once.

The CE process encodes the audio the same way a person hears sounds in real life; therefore, a participant can pick and choose any frequency he/she wishes. When the selective hearing information is encoded, the participant perceives the sounds as coming from outside his/her head or “three-dimensional.”

Just as a person in real life can hear birds above, the sound of his feet walking below, cars from behind, voices far away or up close, the CE participant can also hear sounds in any direction as well as close or far away. The CE participant is able to easily select and choose any frequency he/she wishes.

The CEX Difference
The "X" in CEX basically means unlimited. The audio contains ALL frequencies. By encoding the selective hearing process, the participant can choose whatever frequency he/she wishes to resonant with.

In previous versions the frequencies were limited by my choice, which was not optimum. The participant could choose frequencies but only within a limited frame that I determined. I always thought that this was a limiting factor in previous versions of CE.

For a person to truly advance in his/her quest for consciousness expansion, he/she must be allowed to make his/her own choices.

So basically CE to CEX was a process of evolving at the proper steps. The first step was to see if the CE process worked. Then, I took additional steps to see how I could improve the effect, making it more powerful and efficient. My vision was always CEX but the physical universe tends to work on gradients, so it took time.

Another limitation that delayed the development of CEX was the cost of the equipment involved. Everything is a vibration. It is these vibrations that allow CE to work. There are coarse vibrational patterns and very fine vibrational patterns and an infinity in-between that can resonant with the spirit.

All these patterns need to be presented to the spirit as pure and undistorted as possible. The audio equipment cannot alter or distort the frequencies in the CEX audio material in any way. This requires cutting edge audio technologies. These cutting edge technologies, unfortunately, are very expensive.

CEX uses completely different audio playback technologies than previous CE versions. Basically, the new CEX system is the finest audio system for headphones in the world.

With previous CE versions, the sessions were designed for up to ten people. The basic reason for this was to create enough resonant energy to manifest a CE effect into the awareness of the participants.

Also, I had to constantly "tune" the session. The natural state of the physical universe is motion...everything is in motion. I had to sense when the CE participants begin resonating with specific frequencies and when they may begin to drift "out of tune".

If the CE participants drift out of tune, they will cease to resonate and therefore, they get no effect. When the participants drifted out of tune, I had to make real time adjustments in the audio frequencies to help or "guide" them to other frequencies to which they can continue to resonate.

Since there is a limited number of frequencies in previous CE versions, there are holes or gaps in the audio spectrum and if the participants drift into one of these holes or gaps, they will stop resonating with CE.

CEX has ALL audio frequencies represented. So there are no holes or gaps. If the participant drifts out of tune, he/she can immediately and easily connect and resonate to another frequency by his/her choice. If a participant is always resonating, a very high and pure resonant energy is created, which is more than enough to manifest the CE into the participants awareness. This means that energy created by group resonance is no longer required.

Each person's CE experience is now totally unique and personal.

Also, I am no longer needed to "tune" the sessions. My influence via tuning, no matter how subtle in the past, is no longer a factor in the participants’ freedom of choice.

The maximum participants we can do at one time for CEX is two and they have no interaction. They are totally separate and personal sessions.

Previous CE sessions were divided into three parts:
1. Vibrational tuning - 10 or 15 minutes
2. CE - 30 minutes
3. Group sharing - 30 minutes

With CEX, the format has changed.
The following is the CEX format:
1. CEX - one hour
2. Participants write down their experience.
3. Optional CEXPC

All pre-conditions for doing CEX previously stated in the CE application are still in effect.

The Bigger Picture
CE is a two way interaction with the universe. In previous CE versions, I did not stress this fact. But with CEX this interaction is vitally important for the participant to get the most from the CEX session. CE and CEX are not about the participant being passive and waiting to receive information from the universe. The participant should project his/her intention into the universe and ask questions. It is an interactive experience.

This two way aspect of CEX is the basic purpose for CEX. The end result of the session is the individual will have experienced new viewpoints on life and the universe. These new viewpoints affect the participants’ choices and therefore, they affect their paths in life. He/she can create change based on his/her own choices.

This two way aspect of CEX is called communication. In order to facilitate this two way communication in CEX, the participant must first know how to communicate.

The essence of communication is not just learning how to talk to someone. It goes much deeper than that. It is one of the most important aspects by which the spirit interacts with the physical universe. If a person does not know how to communicate, his life will simply not evolve. The ability to communicate is essential for any endeavor in this physical reality and beyond. But almost no one knows how to communicate properly or the anatomy and mechanics of communication itself.

CEX Prep Course (CEXPC)

To optimize the CEX effect, Transformation Tools is offering a CEX prep course (CEXPC) for CEX participants that want to take their CEX experience to the next level.

The CEXPC teaches the student a working overview about the theory and principals of CEX. It also presents detailed information on what communication is and its purpose as well as many exercises. These exercises, when practiced, will allow the student to not only to interact optimally within CEX but in their normal life as well. Additionally, the CEXPC includes advanced information and exercises for non-verbal communication (telepathy), which is required specifically for CEX.

Please note: The CEXPC is NOT a requirement for doing CEX but I highly recommend it for serious CEX participants.

Why CEX?

CEX was intended as a means to "speed up" consciousness expansion and awareness in the individual. Currently, time and events in this sector of the universe are vibrationally speeding up. The speed by which traditional teachings and practices of consciousness expansion achieve significant results are not keeping up with this accelerating shift.

This is important because if a person's awareness is not increasing at a faster rate than the vibrational changes in the universe around him/her, he/she will have a tendency to become overwhelmed which can lower his/her vibration rather than increase it.

I saw a need in creating a workable system using advanced technology by which people can increase their awareness at a faster rate than the rate of shift in the environment that surrounds them. CEX is my answer to this problem.

Infinite Possibilities,

Christopher Currell

CEX Preparation Course

CEX Prep (Japanese)

CEX Session

CEX Session (Japanese)

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