Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential

CEX CE Practitioners Program

"The journey ultimately begins and ends with you.
We welcome you to join us on this amazing adventure!"
Chritopher Currell


The Currell Effect uses sound vibration to help expand people’s consciousness. A more powerful and refined Currell Effect made a debut in March, 2015!

The Currell Effect (CE) fundamentally and directly interacts with the spirit on a vibrational level. The new CE is designed to connect with the spirit on more fundamental frequencies than the previous CEX thereby becoming more effective (better communication, resonance and reality).

Thanks to advancements in technology, we are now able to provide the CE session at a more affordable price. This is accomplished by using a high definition yet portable headphone system, which provides the quality necessary to invoke the CE process.

About CE Practitioner Program

♦Do you want to help yourself and others find your/their potential?

Beginning in summer 2015, Transformation Tools will introduce the Currell Effect Practitioner Program.

The CE practitioner program will make available trained practitioners that can easily deliver the Currell Effect. A CE practitioner will have his/her own portable high definition CE playback system, which can deliver the CE process easily to anyone who wishes to do it. The goal of Transformation Tools is to have many CE practitioners throughout Japan including Okinawa and then throughout the world.

CE practitioners are independent. They are not directly associated with Transformation Tools and are free to integrate the CE practitioners program into a new business or integrate the CE into their own existing business. Transformation Tools will provide an internet web presence to help answer questions for the practitioners. Each practitioner will have their own web page on the Transformation Tools website for promotional purposes. There will also be a forum for participants to ask questions to practitioners or Transformation Tools staff.

A potential CE practitioner will be required to do a two day training session, which will include a CE session. Each CE practitioner will be trained and certified by Christopher Currell to ensure that the CE participants will get expert service and delivery.

The CE practitioners program will provide CE at affordable prices. Currently the base price for a one hour CE session is JP¥18,000.

♦What do I get and what are the costs involved to become a certified CE practitioner?

To be a certified CE practitioner, the student must attend and pass a two day training course.

This course will instruct the student in all the aspects of running a CE session smoothly and with confidence.

The course also provides information so the practitioner can understand the basic science of the Currell Effect. This enables the practitioner to answer any questions a potential participant may have about the Currell Effect.

Included in the two day training course is a one hour CE session, Christopher Currell’s book, “The Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential”, and a course workbook.

Certification is granted and issued when the student passes the course and signs the CEP license agreement.

A certified practitioner will receive:
1. One high definition audio player capable of playing back the high resolution CE audio file.
2. One high quality headphone
3. One package of CE eye masks (5).
4. A web page on the Transformation Tools website.
5. Access to the CE practitioner’s forum.
6. Access to the CE participant’s forum.
7. Support from the Transformation Tools staff.
8. The most current version of the Currell Effect audio file and all eight CE CD’s will be pre-installed on the audio player.
9. The CE practitioner will receive a 30% discount distributer pricing for all of Transformation Tools CDs (a minimum order of 10 CDs is required).

Additional Information:
a. The CE practitioner is certified for one year and the certification must be renewed every year.
b. There will be an additional set up fee every year the certification is renewed.
c. The audio player and headphone are provided on a yearly basis. The practitioner must return the audio player and headphone if he/she does not renew their certification at the end of the year term.
d. A fixed monthly CE license fee will be charged for the right to use the Currell Effect technology and to maintain certification.

Pricing Structure:
CE Practitioner Training Course fee: includes a CE session
CE License fee: Fixed monthly fee
Set up fee: Once every year, due on the first month of each year

Please contact the Transformation Tools Office for more details on pricing.
TT Office:

If you are interested in the CE practitioners program and wish to take the first step to see if you qualify, please contact Transformation Tools for a Currell Effect Practitioner Program application.

2015 is the year of major change and in accordance with this change, TT is busy at work developing consciousness expanding tools and making them easily available to everyone. By having more CE practitioners, we hope to provide Currell Effect sessions, which helps expand one’s consciousness, to more people.

Infinite Possibilities☆


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CE Practitioner Application

If you are intrested in becoming a CE Practitioner (CEP), Please contact TT Office.
TT Office: