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"The journey ultimately begins and ends with you.
We welcome you to join us on this amazing adventure!"
Infinite Harmony...
Christpher Currell

☆ ☆ ☆

Mar. 5 (Sat) ~ Mar. 8 (Tue), 2022
Space ofbyfor

Session: 3 hours (2 persons/session)
9 10:00-12:20, 13:00-15:20, 16:00-18:20

General 33,000 yen・CE Member 30,000 yen

Space ofbyfor 2F
6-28-2 Jindaiji Higashimachi, Chofu-shi, Tokyo

Japanese: http://transformation.ishwish.net/session/

Email: tt_office@ishwish.net

Reports on previous CE and CE-RELAX sessions
About Currell Effect
Difference between CE & CE-RELAX

Headphone Guru Column
Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential a.k.a the “Currell Effect”


After very successful CE-RELAX & CE/CEX sessions for seven years, the content of the session will be renewed and more powerful “CE-EXCALIBUR” will be introduced!

The session will be a combination of CE-RELAX (the purpose is to de-stress and relax) and CEX (the advanced level of CE). The session itself will be one and a half hour long. We have also lowered the price so it will be more affordable to take the session.

By integrating two separate CE-RELAX and CEX sessions, it will become one flow, which may lead participants to have more powerful experiences.

♫ The Currell Effect is a very powerful sound session, which helps people expand their consciousness. Through the session, participants may find clues and hints on how to live their lives as they wish by knowing who they really are.

Note: For the safety and security of the participants, the number of participants per session will still be limited to two. We will also conduct thorough ventilation and disinfection.

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Thank you very much for showing interest in the Currell Effect sessions.

Flow of the CE session.
1. Reception (Lounge on 2nd floor), explanation about the session and guided to the session room on 1st floor (15 min).
2. CE-EXCALIBUR session (1.5 hour)
3. Return to the 2nd floor and write feedback (about 15 min)
4. Scan the Feedback form.
5. Discussion and Q&A with Christopher Currell (about 20 min)

In order to optimize the CE session, we recommend the participants to be in good mental and physical condition. Please complete the Check List and the Reservation Form, and click the [SUBMIT] button at the bottom of this page.

Check List

Please provide your response on all the check items below.


It is my own decision to attend the CE session.


If you are submitting this checklist on behalf of another person, please reflect their response as accurately as possible.
Representative’s name:
*Please check to indicate that you have read this check item, even if you are not representing others.


I understand that my reservation is not confirmed until I make a payment.


I will come at the scheduled time. I understand that I cannot attend the session if I am late.
*Please contact us promptly if you get lost.


I understand that you will be using high quality auditory displays (headphone system); therefore, I need to remove earrings and/or makeup around my ears and refrain from using any hair spray before the session.
*See FAQ for more details.


I will come well rested with no stress.
*Not too full and not too hungry is the best condition to take the session.


Have you ever listened to the Currell Effect CD in the past?
Yes  No
If yes, please be sure to describe your experience.


Have you ever attended the Currell Effect or CEX session(s) in the past?
Yes  No
If yes, please be sure to describe the numbers of session(s) you took and your experience(s).


Have you ever meditated in the past?
Yes  No
If yes, please be sure to describe the type of meditation you do and your experience(s).

It is very important that your mind is clear upon taking the CE session.

NOTE: Please be aware that the following could result in reducing the CE effect.

If you are:
Not well rested, have stress, under the influence of alcohol (drinking alcohol within the last 24 hours), on drugs or medication such as painkillers, depression, physical pain, have a present time problem that distracts you from focusing during the session, anything that could dull the clarity of your thinking process, or anything else that prevents you from being stable both physically and mentally that could cause the mind and body to not process data received properly during the CE session.

For those who have a history of having epileptic seizures or similar symptoms or illnesses, research has shown that sound could trigger such seizures. The Currell Effect is a very powerful sound session, so individuals that exhibit these symptoms cannot take the session.

Please also read the FAQ regarding the “Check Sheet” and “headphones and eye mask.”

If you have a hearing problem, or a problem about wearing headphones and/or eye mask, please contact TT Office.


I hereby acknowledge all the checked items above and certify that I have answered truthfully.

If a child under 12 years old has decided on his/her own to attend the Currell Effect session, please contact us.

Thank you very much. Please proceed to the following reservation form.

CE Session Reservation Form

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