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Welcome to Currell Effect


“Sound is a vibration. Like sound, the universe is also vibration.
All knowledge we seek resides there. All we have to do is listen.”
Christopher Currell

Christopher Currell is the founder of the Currell Effect. He always reminds people that “Everything is a vibration.”

By listening to the sound vibrations created by Christopher, listeners can resonate and connect to the vibration of the universe and experience journeys through the universe, different times and dimensions. The Currell Effect is a very powerful sound session, which helps people expand their consciousness.

What is Currell Effect (CE)?

CE is NOT:
... a specific musical experience.
... a sound healing technology.
... a guided meditation.
... a method by which the participant is told what to do or is evaluated.
... a mental therapy.

... a specific sound experience.
... a technology which helps the participant expand their awareness and consciousness.
... entirely based on the participant's own experiences. All experiences within a CE session are directly related to, and created by the participant himself.
... is an environment in which the spirit can play using unlimited creativity.
... a method whereby the participant makes his/her own choices and decisions about the events they experience.

The benefits of the Currell Effect:
・Stress relief both physically and mentally.
・Happier and a better sense of well being.
・Expanded viewpoints on life.
・Gain the ability to make more choices.
・Gain the ability to view life more clearly and objectively.
・A quieter less busy mind.
・Higher awareness.
・Dissolves mental programs and fixed ideas that restrict one’s life activities.

About Currell Effect
Blog: Currell Effect

The journey ultimately begins and ends with you.
We welcome you to join us on this amazing adventure!

Infinite Possibilities…

*Please contact TT Office if you are interested in taking the CE session.
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